A paperboard engineered with unique multi-layer, non-polymer barrier coatings especially designed & refined to package food & drink.


Delipac has outstanding moisture, liquid, grease & oil resistance and is fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.


Provides FMCG companies, packaging manufacturers, retailers and consumers a viable sustainable packaging option without compromising on the quality and freshness of the packaged product and is completely food safe.



Universal Insititute certifications & qualifications:


PEFC: Global Forestry Sustainability Chain of Custody.

EUTR: European Timber Regulations, 2013.

V. Legal Licencing: FLEGT compliant (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade). Licencing procedures complete.

EU REACH: EU SUP Directive 2019/904  2050/2151 compliant - does not contain plastic. polymer ot polymeric substances

FLUSTIX  Plastic Free Trustmark - Compliant to European Union Single Use Plastic Regulations  2019/904 + 2020/2151

ISEGA: EN10/2011 Does not contain plastic or microplastic 

TUV: (2 Edition D) OK Compost Home - Natural compostability (compostable disintegration rate of 100%).

TUV:EN13432 industrial compostability & biodegradability (minimium absolute biodegradation rate of 90,5 %)

HTP: Euro Standard EN 13430 recyclability & repulpability (in 100% concentration) in all usual conventional waste streams.

ISEGA:  Euro Standard: EC 1935/2004 bfr 36 Food contact compliance.  

ISEGA:  Euro Standard  EC 1230-1-2 Taint and odour compliance.

FDA: Regulation 21 CFR Part 176 .170 Global food safety regulation conformation.

REACH:  EU compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals).

SVHC: screening REACH regulation EN 1907/2006 Article 33 + ECHA Directive 2008/98/EC - N.D. (Not detected)

PFAS compliant  EN/TS 15968 - Fluorocarbons PFOA, PFOH  migrational analysis - N.D. (Not detected)

EN Euro Standard EN 1186/4: MPPO DIN EN 14338-2003 Compliant to microwave applications negative migration.

EN Euro standard  1186/5/13/15  E13130: Complaint to ovenable applications (conventional ovens max 220`C). negative migration

BS Euro Standard 3177: Water vapour permeability, (8/9gsm per 24hours MVTR).

Grease barrier: KIT 12.

Campden BRI: Ice cream. Flash freezing/extended freezing.

Decree Ministerial Italian standard: (`Italian Ministerial Decree 25-3-1986`).

Italian Law `19-7-1957 No.679` art 16 & 18  Food compliance.

ISO: 22000: Food safety hazard avoidance

ISO 9001 & 14001: Quality assurance.

ISO 50001 ENMS  Energy management.

Carbon balanced: (World Land Trust).

Features and capabilities:

Heat-sealability (efficient low level 120` - 180`C).

Ultrasonic & thermo sealability.

Low mvtr (moisture vapour transfer rate).

Food safe - free of known harmful chemicals (SVHC).

Resistant to chemicals from ink migration & heating.

Suitable for direct food & liquid contact.

Suitable for chiller applications.

Suitable for freezing applications.

Suitable for oven applications.

Suitable for microwave applications.

Receptive super-smooth print surface.

Fully Recyclable, biodegradable & compostable - naturally, as well as industrially).

Carbon balanced - WLT. 

Please email: info@delipac.com  to receive detailed technical specifications.

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