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Natural barrier packaging.

Created for food & drink.

To serve sustainability.

Certified plastic-free.

A fully sustainable barrier paperboard
with remarkable print capabilities.

Fully recyclable - (EN 13430) Anywhere in mainstream paper waste channels.
  Fully compostable   --   (EN13432/TUV OK Compost Home).
Fully biodegradable -- (European Standard EN 13432).
Carbon Balanced  --  (World Land Trust).
PEFC, FLEGT, EUTR, ISO safety & quality compliance, ISEGA 1935/2004+FDA 21CFR food compliance.
EU REACH 1907/2006 (SVHC) + EN 1230-1 taint & odour compliance, EN1186 migration compliance.
Free of fluorocarbons (PFOA, PFOH, PFAS) En15968,  Free of plastic (Flustix).

Legally compliant to the European Union Single Use Plastic Regulation 2019/904.

A superlative, fully sustainable innovative packaging board engineered for food & drink. 
Provides multi barriers against moisture, grease & liquid,
but without laminated plastics or polymers.
Commercially sustainable, environmentally sustainable.
FPP009_PT_flustix_plastikfreiesprodukt_EN small.jpg

 Paper engineering at its best.

©  Delipac 2023.

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