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Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II was a remarkable person.


She reigned during an unprecedented 70 years as Queen of The United Kingdon  and head of The Commonwealth.

 During her reign, 14 USA presidents took office and she appointed 15 UK prime ministers.

And this 70 years was just under half the period of the time, since the Dominion of Canada was created.


93% of the people living in the world have only known one monarch of the United Kingdom - Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II


Since the beginning of her reign in 1952, she helped to expand the Commonwealth of Nations from 7 countries to 52.

She was Queen to 15 of them.


Her unceasing  dedication to service had helped to create well-being and happiness to tens of millions of individuals.

She encouraged business, with The Queens Award to UK Industry  - She encouraged responsible environmental commitment.

 She encouraged the flow of funds to charities world-wide - and so very much more.


Amazing and unlikely to be repeated in this lifetime.

A particularly sad moment  -  Everyone at Delipac extend their profound condolences to King Charles III and all the Royal Family.

A time to reflect over the coming days...

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