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March 2022


A brilliant patented click-top lidded packaging food delivery system.
Superbly designed for restaurants and food-service.

Paper cups complete & compliment the range.

And its all certified fully sustainable - incorporates Delipac paperboard.
We’re proud to be associated with NeverLeak.

     August 4th 2021

Granted Din Certco certification - plastic-free, FLUSTIX Trustmark.
Legally complaint with the 2021 European Union Single Use Plastic Regulation 2019/904.

FPP009_PT_flustix_plastikfreiesprodukt_EN small.jpg

     April 2021

Delipac Paperboard - plastic free & PFAS free - safe & sustainable packaging.
True sustainability WITHOUT ambiguity.

     Chicago based Sacred Serve, insisted on full  sustainability for all their packaging. Sacred Serve chose Delipac to be compatible for their innovative and very different, new range of vegan ice cream sold across the USA in all fine stores

Sacred Serve promo.jpg

      February 2021

Canyapack - stockist and distributor for Spain & Portugal


      December 2020

With growing concerns about PFAS relating to food packaging, Delipac has been independently analysed (SGS) and conforms to standard EN-TS 15968 to be clear of PFAS content,

which fully conforms to global regulatory food  packaging compliance.


      Follow the PFAS reporting through FIDRA  

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© 2016 by Delipac Limited. All rights reserved.



Midland  Paper Company - stockist and distributor for North America

Midland promo.jpg

Denmaur Paper Media - Delipac exclusive U.K. stockist's new delivery vehicle fleet.

Delipac truck.jpg

Denmaur  Paper Media continue to provide their hallmark exemplary just-in-time service & support for the range of Delipac boards. 

Now delivered via their new advanced fuel-efficient fleet.

Denmaur Paper Media - Always reliable, always available & always sustainable.


Additional key environmental certification and food compliances achieved:

SGS: PFAS Flourocarbons migrational analysis - N.D. (Not detected).

TUV: (2D)  OK Compost Home - Natural compostability + EN13432 biodegradability.

ISEGA: Euro Standard EN 13430 recyclability & repulpability (in 100% concentration).

February 2020


Delipac at Packaging Innovations 2020

Packaging Innovations 2020 banner seen a
Delipac Meal Deal.png


January 2020

Sustainability Suite!


Recyclable+compostable coffee cup & sandwich pack.

The first dual product of its type!


Judged & voted into the Packaging Innovations 'Innovation Gallery' 


 December  2019

 It's here !

Delipac Crystal has been formed ! 

Crystal 8.jpg
Delipac Crystal Super Clear comparison.j

 May 2019


Delipac chosen  by Ricoh Europe

to show off their superb 

Pro C 7200 & 9200 series digital printers.

Demonstrated at FESPA Global Print Expo 

Munich, Germany, May 2019.

Click to view >>>


 February 2019

            Delipac chosen as one of the final twelve featured in the 'INNOVATION SHOWCASE' at  the  Packaging Innovations Show 2019


Delipac 3.jpg

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      December 2018 

                                                                   `Print Solutions`
We're especially proud that Delipac was selected as one of the top 25 innovative products
in the U.K. print and packaging industry in the year 2018.
Delipac is diligently contributing towards a cleaner planet. If you're thinking about how to renew to sustainable packaging, then now is time to share in the opportunity !

Christmas web 2.jpg


  We're delighted to share the news that HALO, an exciting new prestige coffee producer, having     
  sustainability at the core of their key directive, are yet another company who've chosen Delipac 
  packaging board to form the cornerstone of their rigorous environmental packaging stipulations.



   We're delighted to share the news that Hadleigh Maid Chocolates  have moved away from plastic     packaging and plastic tray inserts & are yet another company  who've chosen Delipac  packaging 
   board to endorse their strong ethos & commitment to sustainability throughout their product range.

H M montage.jpg

New Way of Thnking campaign.


New Way of Thinking campaign.






11th January 2018


 U.K. Prime Minister, Theresa May "declares war on plastic packaging" 

in Government's Environmental Plan

(Sky News)

Theresa May, supermarkets would be urged to introduce

"plastic-free" aisles

While charges on coffee cups & takeaway containers would be considered.

The U.K. prime minister said in a speech that she looks back "in horror at some of the damage done to our environment in the past"

(BBC News)


U.K. Media: 18th November 2017. (including: TheTimes, The BBC, Sky News).


Tax on plastic linked takeaway food boxes to be considered:

A new tax by the U.K. Government is being considered for takeaway food boxes in an attempt to tackle the problem of increasing amounts of plastic waste and the inability to cope with recycling thereby leaving plastic/pe lying inert in landfill for hundreds of years.

In November's Budget, the U.K. Chancellor Philip Hammond, has called for evidence on whether a tax on the use of the most environmentally damaging

single-use plastics as part of attempts to cut plastic waste.

Single-use plastics in packaging include plastic & plastic lined takeaway boxes

plus polystyrene.

Greenpeace was quoted as saying: ocean plastic pollution was "a global emergency".

The British Retail Consortium, which represents the big supermarkets, said that it was concerned that the new taxes might mean that prices for products would have to rise.

Campaign groups welcomed the move.   Tisha Brown, of Greenpeace UK, said: “The Treasury’s announcement is a statement of intent,  but it recognises the significance of the problem and the urgent need for a solution.


    Now available.   

   Delipac Oven   Can be utilised for food packaging in both conventional ovens,

and additionally in the microwave.


Opening up a world of applications: 

* Retail ready-meals.

* Food to go.

* Restaurant packaging.

*  Retail bakery packaging.

 * Utilisable from freezer to oven.


Delipac seen again in prime position.

This time, on the Packaging Innovations Wall at the Expo in London U.K.

`Respecting Our Planet`


4th July 2017.

Congress House.

London, U.K.




Packaging Innovations 2017 

EcoPack Challenge for Sustainable Packaging 2017 


Delipac Cup

Shorlisted and selected as finalist.

January 2017

                National exclusive stockist appointed for the United Kingdom.

     Providing an express access service to Delipac food packaging board.

Delipac will be immediately available to printers and converters in the U.K. & beyond, providing the

 ability to meet retailers' and brand owners' ever expanding demands for this product of the times.

Denmaur Paper Media.

  •   HQ: Bourncrete House, Bonham Drive, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 3RY. 


                                                                 Telephone : 0044 (0) 1795 426 775




                                                                                      email Denmaur


September 2016 

   July 2016 

May 2016


Now also available.....


Delipac Cup.   For cups and tubs.

Delipac marketing and sales facility are now present  in the Federal Republic of Germany    Full details may be viewed on the contacts page.

January 2016


Delipac will soon provide even more diversity and flexibility 

in barrier packaging requirements.

      Coming in 2016.......


Delipac Cup.   For cups and tubs.

December 2015


Delipac marketing and sales facility are now present  in the Rebublic of Ireland and also Northern Ireland.   Full details may be viewed on the contacts page.

November  2015


Recent media activity including 'The Times' (U.K.),  'Sciences et Avenir'  (France), Il Resto del Carlino' Italy,

&  El Mundo, (Spain), continue to report the ongoing concerns alleging to mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOH) 


Delipac's unique innovative barrier, competely protects it's packaged contents and shields against MOH.

Low migration inks are not required when Delipac is employed.

September 2015.   


Introducing Delipac Cup !


Announcing the arrival of a dedicated cupboard.  

Delipac Cup, is a recyclable biodegradable non polymer cup board and companion to Delipac Foodboard.     A versatile substance range (190 to 300gsm)



March 2015: 


Delipac gains additional separate certification in Italy for `Decree Ministerial`,   

(Italian Ministerial Degree 25-3-1996), Italian Law 19-7-1957 No. 679 articles 16 & 18), the required Italian standard for food compliance.


Delipac ottiene anche una certificazione separata per il mercato Italiano... `Decree Ministeriale 25-03-1996.`

Legge Italiana 10-07-1597 No 679 Articoli 16 e 18. Lo Standard Italiano per idoneita alimentare.

©  Delipac 2024

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