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Optically clear-view, single use, anti-mist, full-face healthcare face-shield/visor.

Cool super-comfort & lightweight for all day wear.

Fully adjustable headband.

Compatible with the wearing of spectacles

& additional PPE mouth masks.

Full barrier protection for eyes, nose & mouth.

For the price of a coffee, it's disposable & sustainable.

Single personal use. 

Discard after wear.

No concerns over hygiene or time-consuming cleansing.


Visor:  Anti-mist, ultra high barrier (UHB) film, (shatter-proof) recyclable or incinerate & easily detachable from frame.

Global standard: PIM (EU) 10/2011, BRC IoP ISO 9001:2008

Frame:  Produced from Delipac,

Normal cardboard is not sufficient - Delipac is unique - it contains an anti-migration barrier. Global standard EN1935/2004

Recyclable/compostable or incinerate, carbon balanced anti-migration barrier board.

Global standard: EN13430/EN13432/PEFC ISO 9001:14001

Manufactured in the U.K.

BRC triple 'A' rated hygienic packaging, carbon neutral facility.

Especially lended over for the fight against Covid-19

Time critical availability !

 Boxed 100's with inner wrapping in 50's to ensure remaining pristine before use. 

Immediate availabilty: 5 working days upto 150,000

  Excess of 150,000 to 1m: 10-15 working days

  Excess of 1m:  Express lead time - please enquire.

MediPac VistaScreen sustainable adjustab

 11 88  525

Tel: 0207

 Tel: 0333

 123 0223

Made in England

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