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Zero plastic barrier 

packaging for food & drink. 

Like nothing before!


Our production mill facility employ stringent hygiene & inspection rules to every respect of all their operations from pre-production to production to finishing/packing/wrapping to shipment.

ISO 9001 / 14001 QC certified  rules apply.

Delipac, alongside  its agile packaging manufacturing clients are working diligently in maintaining the flow of food packaging to the front lines to satisfy consumer demands in these challenging times.

 Here's one of many initiatives:-

* Helping restaurants maintain their clientele, assisting with sustainable leak-proof food delivery pkg.

* Helping by looking after you.

* Helping by looking after our planet.


Fresh food delivered in FULLY sustainable food boxes.

 HOT boxes (Leak-proof - can be utilised in the oven & microwave).

COLD boxes (Leak-proof - can be utilised in the fridge & freezer).

Information here:

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